Narrative Realism

The work of Hanno Rink is Narrative Realism. In this, the abstract image, which is not modelled on an object, but is itself an object, becomes a highly tangible object thanks to the use of highly realistic painting.

In his most recent work, he exemplifies these with images of architecture and painting. He uses the picture space as a stage.

He treats architecture as a discipline of painting. Often they give the impression of being places about where stories have been told. With other pictures, he creates a space that challenges the spectators viewing habits and helpsthem to reperceive. He creates spaces and events on a flat wall. The viewer of his pictures is mostly a spectator, situated both in the picture and outside the picture.

The painter reflects and comments on the passage of time in his paintings. His pictures deliberately move in socio-political and artistic“grey zones”. He paints without “illusions” or “visions”, his pictures are rather investigating and exploring the boundaries of the (im-)possible. Storytelling or narrative Realism is also an object in his pictures of today’s urbanism.